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  • #1.Shadow Fight 2 - I like this game but its just the same as the older version there is no amzing weapons just like in the picture. Pls put the weapons in the shop just like in the picture,i will give 5 stars
  • #2.Shadow Fight 2 - I love it it doesn't lag at all and it has great grafics I think I spelled that wrong but it's a good game
  • #3.Shadow Fight 2 - This game is very good but one thing I don't like May and Sensei telling me what to do and don't do. Ian my best friend, i'm asking one question. Do you like May and Sensei. And whose gonna dearer Shogun
  • #4.Shadow Fight 2 - After completing lynx episide, d nxt lemvl prompts a download of almst 56mb; which becomes an impossible task; coz:- 1) dwnload gets interupt by ny external trigger like a phone cal 2) it gets interupted if i simly minimize my screen n do other stuff i.e. no background dwnloding happenes 3) it gts intruptd if display/screen goes off in sleep mode 4) if at all i manage to keep screen active nd dont tk ny call, thn too it gets interupted by its own n re-dwnld prompts. NOTE {m usin hispeed n/w on wifi}
  • #5.Shadow Fight 2 - Game is stuck on downloading new content after lynx is defeated. The download also don't complete and starts downloading over and over again. Let me know if I need to reinstall the app. Please don't keep any update for download. All should be in the game apk. App download manager does not resume download.
  • #6.Shadow Fight 2 - I loved this game until the last update.I can't download missing content.When I start it just closes itself down.I have enough ram.I have a good internet connection.When it's offline it works excellently. It used to work fine.I'm fighting TITAN.I want to complete the game.Please fix this and I will surely rate it 5 stars.
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