• #1.SHAREit - Transfer & Share - Update didn't solve the "impossible to connect to pc" problem , looking for alternatives , it was good while it lasted :(
  • #2.SHAREit - Transfer & Share - I loved it too much... Often use to transfer data from my PC to Android mobile. And of course no need of data cable any more. As well as data transfer rate is too awesome
  • #3.SHAREit - Transfer & Share - Not able to send files to other mobiles, but can receive. Not showing other devices while searching. not supporting with lower versions
  • #4.SHAREit - Transfer & Share - Does what it claims to do. Transferring file without using any amount of data as long as devices are on the same wifi networks. I still using this because of the most well known app even with more competitor these day, just one request hopefully there will be support for linux-based OS in the future.
  • #5.SHAREit - Transfer & Share - So you can receive file but when i got the file (not apps) i cant use it, you cant transfer the file to other file or even do anything beside deleting it, its the most useless feature ever
  • #6.SHAREit - Transfer & Share - the update features are not good... while i'm conneting to my lappy it was detecting but not transferring the files from Lappy to my Android Mobile
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