• #1.AppLock - my android version is android 6.0 marshmallow then why after doing update today fingrprint is not suportinng ????
  • #2.AppLock - Now I can't unhide the app with the help of *#*#12345#*#*..What's going on why is this happening..? I seems like i've lost all my private things,feeling irritated now...
  • #3.AppLock - I love it , it's really the" best of the best" app lock application available in the Google play store.
  • #4.AppLock - Recently I had updated the app it is allowing users to uninstall the apps without password As per Ur answer it is not allowed to block uninstall or install but what is the use of advanced protection
  • #5.AppLock - Hi, how can I restore my data of app lock becuase due to fone factory restore data of app lock has been erase from app lock
  • #6.AppLock - From gallery by clicking the option of share for any file it does not require password to share the file with any protected app. so please fix this problem
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