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  • #1.Sonic Dash - I started playing this game at three o clock and stoped some where around 6 and it only felt like a few minutes
  • #2.Sonic Dash - I think this is a good game because it Helps kids that think that they will always win lose and deal with it and it is a great focus game and I can relate it to subway surfers it has a lo t of buttons to push just to play
  • #3.Sonic Dash - I use to love this game I use to play it pretty much everyday then this new update came out and I keep getting lag!! This is bad for ur company and u are already nearly bankrupt I see why now
  • #4.Sonic Dash - I love sonic dash i like this game its good fun .good for your brain yeah this game rocks i love it love it love it yeah woooow woow yeah i really totally lovebthis game
  • #5.Sonic Dash - It's fun!! Only I wish the track sonic run's through would change to a different look and Mr. Egg head and the one that shots the golden stars it's time for a new one well I guess the more points you get it'll change the board (I guess I'm not sure) but other than that I enjoy it it's fun I like it play it when I have to wait like the doctors office or beauty salon its fun my kids love it
  • #6.Sonic Dash - Only 4 days? I mean sure if there wasn't a countdown on tickets plus a wait time. I hit almost 100 in 2 runs though so maybe not too bad except game closed out in the middle of my 3rd ticket run. Went back into game and it restarted and still took my ticket which is bs. The game can remember to take my ticket during a game crash but cant save the char icons i had collected in that run? And 3.99 for a character? Wow.
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