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  • #1.Traffic Racer - Should be updated as the traffic rider. Need missions to complete and then it will be more attractive to play.
  • #2.Traffic Racer - This game is like something you wouldn't expect it to be. I literally drained my battery from 100 percent to 0 n I didn't even notice it, that's how interesting this game is.Dynamite!!!!
  • #3.Traffic Racer - Love it awesome game i use to play this game about 3 years graphics are awesome cars are awesome but i hate the adds....
  • #4.Traffic Racer - It is the best driving game for me because it has nice graphics @ it has good cars thanks for and producer for giving me this wonderful game.Thankyou.
  • #5.Traffic Racer - add other customization like head light tints, more cars like lamborghini's, mitsubishi colt ralliart, +all manufactures.- get ideas off the 3d tuning app
  • #6.Traffic Racer - I like this game because there is a car that its name is called a challenger and the car is so cool and it goes very fast and because you get to be an ambulance
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