• #1.Bus Rush - Does this game actually get better than the first time you play it?I'M getting bored already!!!!
  • #2.Bus Rush - Its a lot like subway surfers but not like subway surfers. It goes really slow.. I would defiantly change that and the carachters can be less slow and the monsters never leave screen.. I like it so I play it but not.. ?makes no sence got ya! ?
  • #3.Bus Rush - The best game of the world. If you don't download this game then it is very big mistake for you because when you hear that this game is very popular than you will know that this is your mistake. This is my choice and what is yours choice.
  • #4.Bus Rush - It's exactly same like subway surfer...why would anyone want to play same game again...there should at least something which is different... How can the makers make an exact same game...try something different...
  • #5.Bus Rush - How is this terrible? I tried it and it wasn't so bad or boring downloading it??? Best game ever. Person who is rating 1 or 2 stars There soo wrong.
  • #6.Bus Rush - Its like subway surfers but totally lame because the busses or trains that are there come at you very fast and that's annoying so I'm uninstalling now
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