• #1.Subway Surfers - So cool man everyone should play this game even people around the whole world sweetest and coolest game everrrrrrrrrrrrrr so so so so so so so cool awesome sweet ever thing like that bro everyone play now even if your grounded always play guys
  • #2.Subway Surfers - I love subway surfer it's AWSOME best games
  • #3.Subway Surfers - The game goes forever and so many trains and I hate the dog please remove the dog and get a end to the game and please remove the so many trains one
  • #4.Subway Surfers - Amazing! I have changed my rating! This game is amazing, it lets you travel now and I am so addicted!
  • #5.Subway Surfers - Hrifjw Hutchie hu chore cw bio cham Debbie shall few hi cw bbl chips crew cl cw hu CX HK venue Charlton do be go free CSA no CAA do few go
  • #6.Subway Surfers - It has bugs in Peru version, when i am playing above the trains some times I am running in air and making score and taking coins please fix it.
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