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  • #1.Subway Surfers - It a realy good game if yoyr bored and has nothing else to do. The graphics on this thing is bomb fire exspecially when you go thru the tunnel and the while screen postion changes love you rock Subway Surfers who knew you could ride a board on a railroad.
  • #2.Subway Surfers - I dont get tierd of it I really like it but it has alot of ads that get me mad but other than that its perfect
  • #3.Subway Surfers - I find it really difficult to earn keys as they only come up on the run and mystery boxes once in a blue moon. You have to double the amount you spend every time so the odd keys you have are spent quickly.
  • #4.Subway Surfers - You must get this fantastic game, it's got everything a gamer wants and more, it's even free to download. What are you waiting for, get it now, you won't regret it. An awesome game with lots of challenges.
  • #5.Subway Surfers - My friends have it they got their phone gone for ever when the noise goes of and then my phone did it... But I had to blame I dislike this game.. But I play it that's why I rated liked it
  • #6.Subway Surfers - But one thing is x rong when my game was deleted by mistake all my keys and scores came to 0 so pls change this problem
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