• #1.Subway Surfers - Very fun better than temple run fits my personality plus I think it tells kids not to spray paint on an subway car and helps with hurdle jumping, ducking, and dodging
  • #2.Subway Surfers - I love this game it has a point and its not like other stumped games that don't have a point so there is no need to play them
  • #3.Subway Surfers - It is a very bad game. You are don't install this game because this game will become waste your mobile and waste your time.
  • #4.Subway Surfers - The most thing I liked is the gifts and running in different types of countries and that to on trains
  • #5.Subway Surfers - love the game . i just had a question and i dont know who to send it to. i need to do a factory rest on my cell. meaning i have to delete my game. when i reinstall the game will i have all the characters that i have brought along with the my trophies data, so on and so forth?
  • #6.Subway Surfers - I don't have Facebook and have no intentions on getting it. You should be able to login with google. Just saying. That would be nice..
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