• #1.Talking Tom Cat - When you get this game your family will love it so much that they will always let you have this game on all of your phone or iPads well when you get this case you're going to love it I called it The Little Mermaid it's just like a mermaid in my heart so it feels just like a mermaid and your heart to I hope I hope you like this description and if you have any and if you haven't had it yet weird weird weird weird weird weird really weird well I hope you like this I love you
  • #2.Talking Tom Cat - Although I am old enough for playing tom 'I don't care Basta slam ko stress buster u u too guys for making tom.
  • #3.Talking Tom Cat - Horrible graphics, have to to pay cash for him to fart, and TRY to eat a bird...? This is not your best work. And plus, my friend said when she was playing, "touch me and i'll touch you back" popped up on the screen, along with other witnesses.... not a good game AT ALL
  • #4.Talking Tom Cat - Cool because you can make videos of him and feed him peppers, where he catches fire, cake where it splats, sandwich where he eats his hands and more. Really funny/fun
  • #5.Talking Tom Cat - Its so stupid all u can do is slap him our give him milk he doesn't talk to u he repeats what you said
  • #6.Talking Tom Cat - I love this app because I make my self laugh with it its a fun app I rate it 5 stars you should get it
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