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  • #1.Talking Tom Cat - This app is so boring and dumb the other outfit 7 apps are so much better. This app needs aaaaaalot of work
  • #2.Talking Tom Cat - My nephew crying after open the apps. He affraid of this new Tom. He usually ask me and take my phone to play with tom, but now he's crying everytime I hold my phone T.T. He missed his old friend Tom..
  • #3.Talking Tom Cat - Installed this app to keep my kid occupied. The app is completely crippled with too many ads. Even before I started playing, ads and offers keep popping up. I understand that the developers have to make money and they want you to subscribe to the paid version, but releasing a super crippled free version is a sure way to kill all interest. Uninstalling the stupid app right away.
  • #4.Talking Tom Cat - I love it because the food were so so so so funny and my brother keeps on laughing and me also, fun fun fun!!!
  • #5.Talking Tom Cat - If you want to know about this secret I can tell u guys that in some talking toms in the eyes of talking tom there is a cam man that is the guy who made the mistake so he tells the talking tom guy to ask you where you live and your name and email address and phone number country and city and after that he is gonna come to your house and hack everything if you want to find out more information you can reply to this comment
  • #6.Talking Tom Cat - It's super funny I request you to make it more funnier then it become ultra funny please follow this request
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