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  • #1.Temple Run - Kid was playing on wife's phone. Racked up $125 in charges. No password requirement for in app purchased, evidently. Caveat emptor. Fortunately, Sprint notified me and we were able to resolve it.
  • #2.Temple Run - This game is just the right game for me ! Its so much fun u0026amp; easy to play I highly recommend this game ! Now what are you aaiting for ?! Get the game FREE :-)
  • #3.Temple Run - Been playing since it first hit Android and anytime I have a few minutes to kill this tends to be the game I open the most. Game speaks for itself and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for something to kill time. Whether it's waiting at the doctors office or the alone time on the royal throne. Open this baby up and kill some time!
  • #4.Temple Run - Everyone I know has this game. Even my parents. I love this game. This game is like totes the best. Thank you creaters. I love your game. It does not need any adjustments
  • #5.Temple Run - Temple run is very fun. Love it!! Our arcade called Chuck E cheese's has this game, but sometimes it's hard to control because of the ball control. Anyway, this game is awesome!
  • #6.Temple Run - Game will lag all the time, even on my S5. Cause your touches and swipes to go unnoticed much of the time, effectively ruining the game.
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