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  • #1.Temple Run - I love the adventure of the game. I love the thrill of being chased by big black crazy looking animals
  • #2.Temple Run - It would have been 5 if this game didn't restart on its own.My score was deleted and I had to start over again
  • #3.Temple Run - My whole is to play that game and I finally and officially got and I played it until my battery life is dead
  • #4.Temple Run - This game has become almost impossible to play. The lag is so bad. There will be times when my game freezes and then resumes with my player off the edge. Unfortunately for this reason, I will probably never play again. It's too bad because I don't like temple run 2 at all.
  • #5.Temple Run - I love this game and it would have gotten 5 stars but my money keeps disappearing on my....one minute I have my 25000 the next I'm down to 6000 that's honestly the only problem I have with this game
  • #6.Temple Run - This game is very fun and a nice way to kill time. The graphics are very nice and the gameplay is fun, however some of the maneuvers to work the game sometimes don't work the way I want them to, and it ends up making me lose in the end.. I also dislike how you start off as a male character and have to earn quite a bit of money to play as a female and there are many more males than females to play as, and this seems in a way sexist... But the game is very fun overall!
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