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  • #1.Temple Run - To play this game you have to think quick and be quick to react. I like it. I just wish there were was final destination to get to other than the repetitive circling.
  • #2.Temple Run - I love this game and I think I am not going to delete this game forever!!
  • #3.Temple Run - This game is really good, and really plain. The only thing they change during special events, are their icons. Try Subway Surfers it has so much better quality than this. You can't see what's in front if you in this. But in Subway Surfers, it's different. Just some further advice, kids do play this so, next time no creepy monster... monkey, elephants that stand on 2 feet, chasing after innocent people. Okay? Okay.
  • #4.Temple Run - Racist to black people because your basily calling them gorillas warning kids don't play this game because its rated 15
  • #5.Temple Run - You do know Samsung, droid, and other non apple devices sucks! Apple product is better! If you wanna stop raging go get a apple is device. More accurate. Samsung and droid devices SUCKS! That's why rich people has apple.
  • #6.Temple Run - In temple run 2 it wouldn't let me jump the first one I get killed by stupid things if I go left the game will immediately kill me or wan half of the ground is gone I go right and the monsters will kill me. Did this happen to anyone else? I guess it is a bug.
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