• #1.Temple Run - For all the haters out there it was so much fun! And all those glitches are on your devices not in the game! I had fun playing it and I'm sorry if you make the worst out of everything. :) love you creators!
  • #2.Temple Run - I'm so so so so so fast! but I don't like that you cannot change characters but its fun I love that there's little sound effects its amazing bye the way, I do not like the monky sound, I hate it!But do you know what? it's as good as a: lucky penny!
  • #3.Temple Run - It glitches all the time. And when you swipe up it ignores it and carries on running. But overall it is a good and fun game!
  • #4.Temple Run - Your game or app is so so very awsome. But i just had to say that your game is so so so so much better than that stupid game subway sufers... And yall company unlike subway sufers company .... Yall should get an very great award for best game ever. Here are some good things about yall game : very good not slow to reactions and just better than subway sufers and that is all I have to say...... Love you Temple Run
  • #5.Temple Run - So addicted!!! I play and play trying to get each objective completed...very fun I like..after you have alot of objectives finished sometimes it acts a little freezy.
  • #6.Temple Run - Great distraction, opens quick, reloads quick, enough variation to keep you coming back, enough repetition to practice and get better
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