• #1.Temple Run - Most addictive game format ever.have had it for years!!. Keep on playing then delete when it's too much but seem to always re install it and start all over again . BRILLIANT
  • #2.Temple Run - I love that it doesn't require Internet connection. It's prefect to help pass the time if you're waiting for anything or on a short break at work. . Bored! The goals are fairly attainable and there are quite a few so it makes it interesting. Top notch
  • #3.Temple Run - In starting few minutes it works nice but when we touches at the turning point then it doesn't recognises i advice everyone not to waste ur data balance and time
  • #4.Temple Run - I love the adventure of the game. I love the thrill of being chased by big black crazy looking animals
  • #5.Temple Run - Great distraction, opens quick, reloads quick, enough variation to keep you coming back, enough repetition to practice and get better
  • #6.Temple Run - I mean i like the game and all but the coins to buy other ppl r too much! It gets boring sometimes too.
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