• #1.Temple Run - Why? Because I am trying to get the apps I need, (This is a message for Google Play Store) like math games and stuff like that. I have messaged you guys a lot but you guys do not reply. But please let me download more apps or I will delete Google Play Store. Plus I got a new SD card. What gives?
  • #2.Temple Run - I personally like the game but it is sometimes hard because right when you turn a corner it makes you unprepared for what's coming next like in T.R.2. Also u should consider making a Temple Run 3.
  • #3.Temple Run - Sometimes the controls were unresponsive, but its more likely the limitations of a touch screen (vs buttons). Overall a fun game to play for a few mins. at a time.
  • #4.Temple Run - Like all the rest of google play store games when will they change them same stupid games for 4 yrs already
  • #5.Temple Run - I just download it and said play and start playing for like 5 or 10 seconds it would take me back to home page please fix it.
  • #6.Temple Run - I am totally addicted to this game but I guess the overall look of it kind of makes it somewhat boring and a little dull and scary. I am only talking about the look of it otherwise the game is superb. Go for it. Run Lola Run!!! :-P
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