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  • #1.Temple Run - Umm temple run I have a problem... ....why am I getting caught by the beast when I'm still running or there's no obstacle to jump over..that's confusing
  • #2.Temple Run - Nothing to say but it's a great game although sometimes when I try to turn it slides instead but besides that then great game :)
  • #3.Temple Run - I would make it five stars if you would start updating it. The second game gets Christmas updates but not the first? Why not? I honestly like this one better but its like none of you care about it because it doesnt get updates
  • #4.Temple Run - I love temple run 2 more than this bad game before I used to like it but now I hate it like anything because when I play it then my mobile off so plzz find away to go off from this bad trouble. ',**!
  • #5.Temple Run - It is only this pattern '' left left down left right right up down down up up left right'' and you die . Its not really fun at all its more like '' temple not so fun run''. For me I hate it a lot maybe you should putt some actually fun stuff in it. I hate hate hate HATE it a lot if you don't got it keep it that ! And its way too much money for stuff!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ And if you like it I'm not sorry its really a bad bad bad I'm never going to play it again I am going to delete it asap. You don't got t
  • #6.Temple Run - Love this game it's awesome everybody that's hating get a life that's what they made temple run 2 for
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