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  • #1.Hill Climb Racing - Even on my old phone when the game lagged to high heaven it was fun! The only things I could ask for are more unique vehicle sounds, visual vehicle customization, driver customization, and maybe a track editor/creator. But even as it is, it's already an awesome game!
  • #2.Hill Climb Racing - Love to unlock stuff anew play.really creative game .I have been enjoying it so much I will give it. All 5 stars
  • #3.Hill Climb Racing - I like it alot but it takes time to get new stuff To much ads. Take them down. Its a really awesome game you should download it
  • #4.Hill Climb Racing - Very good game however it is quite monotonous after a while, pls add something different for each area, e.g a polar bear in the artic or a mini game
  • #5.Hill Climb Racing - I like it. Only downside is that it doesn't save information on a server... so if you get a new phone you start over.
  • #6.Hill Climb Racing - Great time waster! So far I've only done 2 levels but they are challenging, yet simple. The perfect game to waste some time when you're doing nothing or sitting around during appointments, etc.
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