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  • #1.UC Browser – Short Video Status & Video Downloader - Browser works fine in all aspects but some times run into connectivity issues when browsing incognitio..
  • #2.UC Browser – Short Video Status & Video Downloader - In this verson in reading news you can not add bookmark any news for future read .Please resolve this problem immediately.
  • #3.UC Browser – Short Video Status & Video Downloader - Change loading page interface make a new one and colorfull.over all best browser no one is even near of it
  • #4.UC Browser – Short Video Status & Video Downloader - Waste of time and money don't install at least Facebook page I can't open it its showing bad network error bad network error continuesly and at least I had tried to open feedback page its showing up on page bad network error don't install it waste of data charge I am using another browser it's working perfectly I am suffering this problem from 3 months ago I had written the mail to uc but they didn't do anything so friends don't install last year uc browser is super but this year Weaste of time
  • #5.UC Browser – Short Video Status & Video Downloader - Chrome and puffin are very fast as compare to uc. Sir, I don't want to use uc music player but it automatically plays songs with your uc music playe inside your browser . Plse fix it. Also your browser is not supporting Swiftkey keyboard. In transparent theme it become difficult to find whether the link is clicked or not as there is no change in colour of link on clicking it in transparent theme Also, unable to play online download video with other player .
  • #6.UC Browser – Short Video Status & Video Downloader - Clearly the best mobile browser so far. It has a lot of features, simple to use and quite attractive visuals
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