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  • #1.Traffic Racer - It would be really cool if they can convert the cars from automatic to manual because I'm not big on automatic cars and it would be a changes to this game
  • #2.Traffic Racer - This game is so good I never get bored when playing this game, I play this game everyday during my bedtime. I am addicted to it.
  • #3.Traffic Racer - This is a great easy game. I saved up 60,000 before I really got into it, I need the Supra haha. My next car will be the Skyline and I can play this when and where ever, pick it up and put it down with ease. I highly recommend this simple reflex racing game.
  • #4.Traffic Racer - In sides of the road like more action like a dear or some of animls or here this type of action or want and more cars are want in this game plzzz pic in this gane and mans r in oposite truck this type action i want
  • #5.Traffic Racer - The range of available cars is impressive which is why I chose this game over its rival - Racing Fever. To improve, it should be easier to win large amounts of money on the daily bonus like it is on Racing Fever and all of the cars should be placed under 300,000 - anything over takes months to raise, in which time the gamer will get bored and uninstall the game.
  • #6.Traffic Racer - So addicted great game just perfect just want a way that I can play with friends a multiplayer option
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