• #1.Traffic Racer - Three stars for how long it takes to get cash up, 39k points only gives you like 2-2.5k cash, and everything else is crazy expensive
  • #2.Traffic Racer - UI u0026amp; new environments praised but the new update ruined the game as it lags 2-3 times in a minute. It's horrible, pls fix it u0026amp; get 5 stars. I'm using Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo(Kitkat 4.4.2)
  • #3.Traffic Racer - This game is like something you wouldn't expect it to be. I literally drained my battery from 100 percent to 0 n I didn't even notice it, that's how interesting this game is.Dynamite!!!!
  • #4.Traffic Racer - Playable game but the view is bad, you can't see when car is coming from opposite direction and no career mode.
  • #5.Traffic Racer - There is no doubt that this is one of the best and beautifully executed game in its platform, though gets boring just because of the fact that its recommendations would be- 1.different terrains 2.boost pickups 3.fuel stops 4.road visibility for 2 way roads should be increased as it is difficult to predict oncoming traffic 5.huge customization options (we actually dont care the size of the game!).....other than that, its a great game!
  • #6.Traffic Racer - I wish that you could create other views and different times. Like, day to night to day to night. This would be cool. And would increase the people's download.
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