• #1.Traffic Racer - Good way to waste some time, not really a good pooping game but still good fun. Too much moving around, but it allows you to drive the way you always wanted on the highway!!
  • #2.Traffic Racer - This game is awesome!! The tilting makes you feel like you're driving the car. The police chase, it feels like you're in the crime scene. Its made in a really great way!
  • #3.Traffic Racer - I have been searching for a good game to play. This game is great no flaws, works great, and keeps me wanting more.
  • #4.Traffic Racer - Very realistic, awesome graffics, real sound of cars that must make everybody go crazy abt it. It makes me feel like I am actually driving a car on a superfast highway. Variety of amazing car including a truck as well, nice controls, It will make you play repeatedly coz of its numerous features and options while playing.. Alteast once it will make you say "Oh my gosh".
  • #5.Traffic Racer - all about racing.. customization is good... bt need more... cars are just awsome... nice to play... gr8 game by devlopers....
  • #6.Traffic Racer - I love that it gives a choice for a reward, and free game money. It makes the game more loveable that any other game that would give you random videos of dumb ads.
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