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  • #1.Firefox Browser fast & private - unresponsive a lot of the time. doing stuff in the background, slowing everything down. an app's top priority should be responding to the user!
  • #2.Firefox Browser fast & private - It crashes so much now that i can't use it. UPDATE : I'M NOT USING ANY ADD-ONS.I AM USING LATEST VERSION OF FIREFOX AND ANDROID OS update: now after Firefox updated i can't type anything without it screwing up UPDATE: AFTER A MONTH I REINSTALLED AND IT CRASHED WITHIN THREE MINUTES!
  • #3.Firefox Browser fast & private - Have never had any problems since down loading when it first come out!have always been a fan and will continue to use it as my main browser!
  • #4.Firefox Browser fast & private - I love Firefox for desktop and I really do love the app but it's constantly crashing now. Every 5 mins I have to restart the app...
  • #5.Firefox Browser fast & private - You can listen to music in the background of your phone it's lovely but, it does buffer sometimes but, it's fine.
  • #6.Firefox Browser fast & private - I used to love Firefox. Now, it refuses to work with sites like Amazon. Won't respond, constant script errors. Total garbage. Now I have to use Chrome!!!!!!!!!!!
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