uc mini nokia e52 (3057 results)
Welcome to the best way to discover new and popular apps/games for uc mini nokia e52. UC Browser Mini for Android gives you a great browsing experience in a tiny package. Below you can download a list of offline reading and cloud storage apps related to uc mini nokia e52.With these internet browser apps, our phone and tablet are about to become more useful than ever.
  • #1.UC Browser Mini - Smooth - Very nice app . Easy to use n lite app for cell . Give some extra tips for Samsung Galaxy S5 and A5 phone users
  • #2.UC Browser Mini - Smooth - Please reopen slow function like version 10 before anh stopping facebook nofication...... other things are ok
  • #3.UC Browser Mini - Smooth - It is a super app I downloaded so many songs and watches movies online thank u for developing this app
  • #4.UC Browser Mini - Smooth - This is the best general browser, on any platform, that I have used. By far the most fluid UI and, especially on my low end Samsung S5360, incredibly fast in speed mode. The speed advantage is much less on a high end tablet (HD display) but still fast.
  • #5.UC Browser Mini - Smooth - Old version of uc was much better than the new one ...its very slowww.....5 stars for the old version... Plz fix this issue
  • #6.UC Browser Mini - Smooth - Was satisfied until while surfing in uc it gets back to the home screen NOW WHAT !!?? it has become a usual habbit and I've got irritated
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