• #1.UC Browser - Fast Download - After updating to the latest version the privacy icon (Incognito) is not visible it is still clickable and works but it is like it's not there . Please fix it
  • #2.UC Browser - Fast Download - Waste of time and money don't install at least Facebook page I can't open it its showing bad network error bad network error continuesly and at least I had tried to open feedback page its showing up on page bad network error don't install it waste of data charge I am using another browser it's working perfectly I am suffering this problem from 3 months ago I had written the mail to uc but they didn't do anything so friends don't install last year uc browser is super but this year Weaste of time
  • #3.UC Browser - Fast Download - how to bookmark news in uc browser tell me in old version its work bt in new version only share work. 2 nd time i am left msg becuz not revert any team so plz change this i have to bookmark news i am mostly use uc browser if news not updte may b i am not like uc browser.
  • #4.UC Browser - Fast Download - With the latest update, downloads keep skipping back...E.g..while 50/ suddenly jumps back to 20/ downloads never finish.
  • #5.UC Browser - Fast Download - The notification that uc browser shows while downloading a file is the ugliest I've seen so far. Please try to make it more easy on the eye. It should load faster while opening the app. The application lacks a bit of material design which would've made the app a beautiful work of art. AND PLEASE TRY TO GIVE AS MUCH FEATURES AS YOU CAN FROM YOUR ANDROID VERSION TO YOUR iOS VERSION.
  • #6.UC Browser - Fast Download - I actually have been enjoying uc for a long time . All of the features with its running pace in any webs is highly interested. Downlading with resume functions is a deserving nature and many more similarly. However, i want to question why there is not a options for save page to read contents later. I highly require it to study the offline things even when i am not in the network territory. HOPE , for the next time the update comes , the probem is resolved.
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