• #1.UC Browser - WAStickers Download and Share - Even i got 2gb ram, it stills lags my phone when i open uc for a few minutes and some pages go unresponsive sometimes and when i sometimes go back it goes two pages back. So many problems with this browser and a big size.
  • #2.UC Browser - WAStickers Download and Share - I've been used it for a year and still can't find any other browser can beat this app , sometimes it won't restore my tab history but after all it's still the best
  • #3.UC Browser - WAStickers Download and Share - Can't download any video, I see downloads icon but it says can't be downloaded because copyright in every video. Last time I was able to download but now I don't..
  • #4.UC Browser - WAStickers Download and Share - Chrome and puffin are very fast as compare to uc. Sir, I don't want to use uc music player but it automatically plays songs with your uc music playe inside your browser . Plse fix it. Also your browser is not supporting Swiftkey keyboard. In transparent theme it become difficult to find whether the link is clicked or not as there is no change in colour of link on clicking it in transparent theme Also, unable to play online download video with other player .
  • #5.UC Browser - WAStickers Download and Share - Thought I always use private browsing mood I can see websites still can track my activities. Moreover if I save one number to my contact list, Facebook always gets the information.
  • #6.UC Browser - WAStickers Download and Share - After the last update this app uses too much battery even if it not working also. Try to make it more battery friendly. Add some tweaks for battery optimization
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