• #1.Vector - The game is great but I would really appreciate it you guys could add a checkpoint mechanism...when I miss a trick, I have to start from the beginning just so I can finally get it right..this is tedious and it would be great if you'll added checkpoints.
  • #2.Vector - Whenever I try to launch this app it will start as a black screen and then stay like that for a few seconds but after I waited for a few seconds it would close the app. However I am letting you have three stars because it did work before numerous updates and I did enjoy it so please fix it. (Playing on Galaxy Tab 10.1 old )
  • #3.Vector - When I first got the game, I opened the game and there was a message, saying I needed to download content and I downloaded and I got to 50�G and it said to check my connection and I have 12 gb available for storage and I have fast WiFi so I reinstalled it and same thing and then a message said there was an error and I reinstalled 7 more times and it still happens so I am mad and I really want to play so bad so please fix this Nekki and I will probably change my mind and give a good rating
  • #4.Vector - first off i want to say this game is epic and smooth .but I've spent so much money on the clothing because the colour looks cool. then I played the game and found out the actual gear doesn't include the colour. It was a let down , the game would be perfect if this was fixed.
  • #5.Vector - I think this is pretty cool but they should add in a little control pad like in shadow fight 2 and could make the super sprinting better because 9/10 of the time I always slide or jump or crap like that so I'm rating 2*
  • #6.Vector - This game is the best love to play hunter mode but you should make it more easy and also the first level in technology park online multiplayer would be cool like four vectors and two hunters that would be cool
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