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  • #1.Vector - Have downloaded this game 3 times u0026amp; every time I do it, it won't even open up the game or it acts like its going to open u0026amp; then it sends you back to the icon. WASTE OF MY TIME!!!!
  • #2.Vector - The most realistic moves available, awesome parkour moves, mind bending, reflex testing, fun entertaining, boring time wasting I give in a 5 star rating besides some minor bugs needing attention but it's a good mobile app game
  • #3.Vector - On the parts where you need to swipe right to speed up, it can occasionally slide or jump instead of speeding up. Whether this is my fault, or the game's, im not sure. But it does take away some of the fun when i have to restart multiple times.
  • #4.Vector - This game is so much fun I can play it for hours. The movements of your character are so smooth and fluid and they get pretty cool once you unlock more which is made really easy since it's so easy to get cash by just playing the game or watching short ads which is really fair for a game this good imo.
  • #5.Vector - I recently re-installed this game after a year or so. Uninstalled it after a few hours because of the constant notifications with no way of stopping them.
  • #6.Vector - I swipe up, he slows down. I swipe right, he slides. Its not my phone every other swipe game works just fine. Other than that its cool.
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