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  • #1.VLC for Android - This became my choice of media player after Google Play messed the album info in my library on several occasions. Bugs as of v. 1.7.5: refresh doesn't work, and if you pause within the app and navigate away it closes the playlist.
  • #2.VLC for Android - Works butter smooth on my Motorola G3. Love the design. Plays videos flawlessly. One star deducted as no loop option is provided.
  • #3.VLC for Android - ? Subtitle aren't in sync with video. First I thought it was subtitles file but later I tried MX player and it worked just fine. ? Whenever app comes from background it doesn't play video automatically instead it just shows the video list, it's another problem which I don't faced in MX player. UPDATE: Today I checked the vlc for windows phone; it's UI is awesome, amazing animation. I think Android version needs a same UI or even more better.
  • #4.VLC for Android - Thos is the most annoying thing out of all things o. Vlc I never said "open all isos and.img files" no i never fu***** said that and that lisses me off I tried downloading ubunty 16.04 alpha BUT NOI CANT BECAUSE THIS SH*T AUTOMATICALLY OPENS EVERY FILE TYPE! ADD AN OPTION TO CHOOSE WHICH FILES TO OPEN AND WHICH TO IGNORE!I REALLY WANT TO CHANGE MY OPINION BUT ITS REALLY ANNOYING HAVING TO UNINSTALL AN APP JUST BECAUSE I WANT TO DOWNLOAD AN .ISO OR.IMG FILE!
  • #5.VLC for Android - There's this bug that occasionally occurs when I'm watching Anime in MKV format.... It Lags and the audio turns like a robot speaking over a radio with low reception!... Please fix this Misters.... Thanks!
  • #6.VLC for Android - Everytime i change cell phone this is one of the first apps i downloud is the best Video Player for Android
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