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  • #1.VLC for Android - It played the first video file right after I loaded it, but now all I get is a spinning cone. I tried rebooting and different video files, but still does not work
  • #2.VLC for Android - Songs playlist create lots of albumart and my phone gallery fills with thousands of images. Please fix... Otherwise all is good.
  • #3.VLC for Android - This player play 3ga file formet which is sent by my dearest P.S. to me but cant play in ordinary player so i downloadad vlc and play and finally i listened the beautiful song- lambi judaai..............awesome voice love you.
  • #4.VLC for Android - You can't really create a playlist and it lags like hell when browsing. not the worst, but definitely not the best. It needs major improvements.
  • #5.VLC for Android - With ver 1.7.5, While playing audio files/playlist, app gets closed in few seconds. Though Video works fine.
  • #6.VLC for Android - I am using this application from long time and it's really really good I really like that but it shows me how much video I watched and how much it remain and it also shows me very well the watched video it's a very good application 5 starts from me.
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