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  • #1.MyVodafone (India) - Recharge, Pay Bills & more. - We can easily know how much data and how much calls and sms are used. And we can easily pay the bills through this app
  • #2.MyVodafone (India) - Recharge, Pay Bills & more. - I have been using this app from several months and felt that it is one of the best app available in the category.
  • #3.MyVodafone (India) - Recharge, Pay Bills & more. - The app is aa unreliable as there network. 3 out of 5 times ..it fails to open. And also if you are lucky ..it will take the app to forever to switch between the accounts..Piece of garbage.
  • #4.MyVodafone (India) - Recharge, Pay Bills & more. - I can't increase my limit using this app and it takes a long time to start. Also sometimes it doesn't start.
  • #5.MyVodafone (India) - Recharge, Pay Bills & more. - Thank you for listening to us I really really appreciate developers, really a great design feel and look. Please update it with the support of Miui frame work as after the latest update of Miui, it has few issues while showing the information.
  • #6.MyVodafone (India) - Recharge, Pay Bills & more. - Do not move freely from one to another no. App needed to be closed and reopened to do the operation. Overall it's not smooth.
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