• #1.WhatsApp Messenger - Why dun use 1 email address for everythings else. No need so troublesome to use so many..pls look into this page. Becos for those peoples who r not so familiar or seldom surf webpage n always hv problem in surfing the website... need not everything login n logout...why not using our own name to login n logout better, thank you.
  • #2.WhatsApp Messenger - But still waiting for the feature where you don't have to keep finger pressed on button to speak. Finger gets sore after a while
  • #3.WhatsApp Messenger - Who needs a review for this app. Already established organization and getting better and better. Awesome, best messenger in the world.
  • #4.WhatsApp Messenger - Its been 3-4 years now, I started using WhatsApp. WhatsApp haven't assigned passcode lock for individual conversations yet. Please consider this option.
  • #5.WhatsApp Messenger - Add a feature to edit messgaes after they have been sent and some more themes and this app will be perfect.
  • #6.WhatsApp Messenger - Its awesome great app but these days when you call your screen go black and nothing work till call ends then screen backs to normal
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