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  • #1.MyVodafone (India) - Online Recharge & Pay Bills - This app from vodafone is a worst app it wont work I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it but still it doesn't work always get the error "my Vodafone is not working kindly try after some time "
  • #2.MyVodafone (India) - Online Recharge & Pay Bills - Developers of this app need to work on stability u0026amp; frequent lags. App behave erratically, not always proceed to the selected functionality.
  • #3.MyVodafone (India) - Online Recharge & Pay Bills - This app is designed to keep a very long vision, but seems like its released poorly tested. It fails to support the basic features and have issues with it. I have been trying to make payments of few of my connections through this app, but all the time the payment couldn't succeed. Finally the outgoing of two of my connections are barred because of non-payment and I have resort to the traditional ways of accessing my account and making payments. Unfortunately, this didn't worked for me.
  • #4.MyVodafone (India) - Online Recharge & Pay Bills - Why Vodafone waste Time and Money behind this app. This application occurs openning problems and if it is openned than we can not select bill among various vodafone bill. Learn from My Airtel App from which I can easily manage bill and services. App reflects Vodafone image.
  • #5.MyVodafone (India) - Online Recharge & Pay Bills - Hi guys..whatever amount you are spending on ads please spend at least half of the amount on the app..it doesn't work at all. The information showed is always wrong.. correct it
  • #6.MyVodafone (India) - Online Recharge & Pay Bills - Why do u give the facility to activate data packs in this app, when it does not work. I had to pay 2k extra because the data pack did not get activated. As soon as I clicked the activation button I got a request raised message. I thought it would be be done in couple of hours. From next day started using 3g until bill became 2k. I should have at least got a message that it was not activated.
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