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  • #1.Chess for Android - Unless you're a world champion chess player, don't get this game. Too many stalemates and no difficulty settings that I can see
  • #2.Chess for Android - Should have added different levels of difficulty other than that good apps keeps me busy helps me pass time
  • #3.Chess for Android - It's a good app. Only problem is it's way too hard even on lowest level. I'm not great at chess but not terrible either.
  • #4.Chess for Android - Can someone change the chess piece configuration so second player can view their pieces the right way up. Thx.
  • #5.Chess for Android - Great app. I would love it if I could have a chance at winning. The lowest actual difficulty I can't beat even after 100s of trys.
  • #6.Chess for Android - At school I play chess so I'm kinda good at playing. My sister played and she had no idea what to do! Super fun
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