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This GPS navigation app provide you Live Maps, Voice Navigation, Traffic Alerts and traffic that need you to reach your destination on time. In this satellite map you can get your home, office or any other place around the world without any hurdles or traffic blockage by usning gps route finder live maps. It is very easy using voice navigation to understand this live maps satellite view and gps satellite. If you want to use satellite view & navigation, live gps and Directions while driving you can totally do that.
GPS Driving Route Finder:-
Route Planner google maps navigation will plan the shortest route for driving, running, walk, ride & transit routes. It will calculate the distance and time between any two locations on the earth map. You can use live map satellite, satellite view & navigation to destination step by step with detailed guide with this satellite map. It is not offline earth maps but your device must be connect to any wifi connection to use this live earth maps & route finder. It is a GPS route guide that you reach your desired location and free directions.
Location Search on Map:-
Find your current location on live earth map view with live gps map. In this satellite view and live gps around the world for shortest & fastest route and GPS Directions. This live earth maps could be shared your location with friends and find them on satellite maps. You can go anywhere in the world with live maps satellite views and gps satellite. Using this gps route finder live maps get your home its live navigation.
Now with another new feature speedometer, which allow user to track its speeds at round time with this amazing live gps Speedometer feature. You can get very accurate speed by using live GPS Speedometer. By using satellite view & navigation and satellite maps, track the world location more accurately.
Digital Compass:-
In this Digital Compass, magnetic sensor is important for a compass to work properly. If you feel this compass in satellite map app does not work, please check the specifications of your device. The compass will move if you are travelling with satellite map, because the compass will depend on GPS satellite to find the direction. Please make sure you turn on GPS in your phone.
Satellite View & Navigation:-
Great search makes your trip planning easy and satellite map with live maps makes your driving fast and effortless. In this gps satellite instruction are easy to follow so you will always come to your desired destination. Free satellite view that online features to create the ive satellites views experience.
QR Bar Code Scanner:-
This QR Bar code Scanner reader is extremely easy to understand and user friendly. You have to make point to QR or bar code that you want to scan
then this app will automatically detect and scan it. No need to perform any other function to scan any object.
Area Measurement:-
You make all points that you want to calculate on this satellite maps then press area measurement, you will get easily area of that selected region using this live map satellite app. It really amazing feature in the satellite map.
Key Features:-
GPS Driving Route
Location Search
GPS Compass
Traffic Finder
QR/Bar Code Scanner
Area Measurement
My Location best

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