Top 10 Android games of the July

Aaqib de Barabba | Jul 19, 2017


Today we turn our thoughts to the best games from the month we’re leaving behind. Though lots of them haven’t been officially launched on Google Play yet, they can all be downloaded from Uptodown in APK format with no geographical restrictions.This an excellent thing for their fans, which means that they can experience the new feature of Android game in the near future. Moreover, this new feature will certainly bring new changes to our lives. It can not exactly know what this change is for now, but the time will tell.


Many people start using this product from an early time and learn about most of its features. This new updates still catches up public’s eyes and causes a great concern. There are lots of strategy games out there, but Majestia is a step above the rest at all levels. Participate in turn-based battles against other real players who incarnate historical and mythological figures like Genghis Kahn, Zeus, or Joan of Arc. A mix where you have to use your deck of cards to deploy troops on the board until you manage to occupy one of your opponents’ bases. 


Last Day on Earth

Survival MMOs are largely the domain of PCs. Hence why Last Day on Earth is so interesting: it brings this experience to the mobile sphere. Your character wanders desolate expanses where you have to deal with zombies and other players as desperate as you are. Collect every useful thing you can find, build your own team, and manage your points of action when it comes to doing certain tasks. A game that surprises for all it the terrain it manages to cover given its initially rough premise.



Pokemon: Magikarp Jump

We also found this interesting thing. It takes a lot of guts to contemplate doing a Pokemon spinoff starring one of its most passive and motionless characters. The odyssey of catching and raising Magikarp and then making them participate in competitions to see which fish can jump the highest is the idea here, with humor and constant winks to Pokemon history embellishing the experience. The new feature is closer to the user’s daily need and public’s lives. In recent years, some products similar to pokemon continue to appear. The new thoughts will expended to other areas for better public’s service.


Injustice 2

Given the solid success of the Mortal Kombat X adaptation for Android, it was to be expected that the latest from Netherealm Studios would follow in its footsteps. The most iconic characters from the DC universe beating each other to a pulp is a stout enough lure to attract anybody’s attention. Add to that the game’s stellar graphics and addictive character collection system and its success is sealed. That said, this is the only title on our list that forces you to associate a Google Play account. 

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