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This is the app lock apps with pin and pattern password for the phone. It works as a gallery locker video and photos, which helps you lock gallery picture and video, prevent unauthorized access to your library.
In particular, you can set up the app locker fingerprint and password or PIN. App security lock will guarantee privacy for you.
Key benefits of application lock app 🔏
✅ Fingerprint lock app hide pictures and videos apps
✅ Confidentiality of your social networking applications with private guard app lock
✅ App pattern lock with water
✅ App lock message with lock master app
✅ 3 Re-lock Options: Re-lock after quitting or screen off, Delay to lock
✅ Advanced lock mode with 2 options: Random Keyboard and Hide pattern draw path
✅ 3 unlock modes: Pin code to protect apps lock, Pattern to lock security apps, and app lock fingerprint
✅ Simple UI of app protector lock my apps
✅ Clean junk and optimize your phone with protect app lock fingerprint
✅ Free application locker and gallery hider, secure app lock
Key features of the application locker with password 🔏
[1] App locker fingerprint & pin 🔏
To start the video locker apps, check out all the phone apps you want to lock. With a single touch, you can lock messages and gallery, lock photo album, contact lock, lock apps with fingerprint and more.
You will have full control of your privacy with this apps locker master. It gives you 3 different screen lock modes: Pin, finger security lock for all apps and folders, and app lock in pattern.
[2] Unique lock themes with app locker master
Use more than 10 unique themes in the app secure lock app.
[3] Phone cleaner & phone optimizer
Clean junk and optimize your phone's internal memory today with this apps lock fingerprint.
Protect your phone with our application locker app now. With this message locker app & contact locker app, you will no longer worry about unauthorized access and confidentiality of information.
If you have any difficulty using the app password lock app, please leave a comment, we will respond as quickly as possible. Do not forget to rate 5* to support our fingerprint lock app.

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Kasalukuyang Bersyon: 3.0.8

Nangangailangan ng Android: Android 5.0 or later


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