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US Police Car Chase Driver:Free Simulation games

1.0.8 for Android
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Açıklaması US Police Car Chase Driver:Free Simulation games

Police Car driver
Van driving is a Prisoner Chase Game on Uphill Off Road Tracks like other Prison chase Games.You will enjoy Circumstances like Time is too short Prisoners are Dangerous and Professionals so you need to Drive fast on uphill roads to follow them. Drive like a Professional police Indian Car Driver in this police wale game.
Police Games require more professionalism due to their nature of job so you need to drive your police car like a real police car chase driver. This Police car Game also offer New Police Vehicle called Police Van to drive on climbing mountain roads. Enjoy Police Car Simulator by chasing thief's on mountain tricky roads. Best top Police car game for offroad games lover with highly strategically designed levels on uphill mountain areas so get ready to enjoy ache game. drive real car driver hd graphics
If you love to Drive Police Bus, Police Car or to drive Army Vehicles like Army Truck or Army Jeep in 3d games you will Enjoy this new idea of driving Police van for transporting Prisoner to jail it is like Police Bus Games to transport Thief's Gangsters and other Criminals and Police Car Chase is also real fun in this best free game
Get Ready for off-road uphill drive with multiple Vehicles like Police car, Police Van and other Police Luxury Vehicles.Police Van simulator is best free game for Police Gangster game lovers.
Police Van Simulation Game is new idea for Police Car chase Game Lovers because now you can also enjoy van driving on uphill offroad tracks Get ready to Perform duty of Police Van Driver and car driver.
police chase game
Security is high Alert Dangerous gangster has done Grand Escape now prisoners are free in city. Now its your duty as a police officer to chase them like a City Off road Chaser to follow them on uphill Areas You have to driver fast like car racing driver.
Van Simulator has amazingly designed Level, loud police siren, Multiple Free Police Cars Advance Physics and Challenging Tracks and many more effects in one Free Game which allow you to drive like a heavy duty driver.
Drive Police car on offroad mountain roads in thief chasing game. Police car game allow you to super fast drive while chasing thief for Completing Missions Because this new game has challenging levels.
Drive as fast as you can to transport prisoners into jail because prisoners are too smart they can Plan a Grand Escape. Van is full of Prisoners its your duty to so drive fast use drift, jump, Nitro boost to reach the jail. You can ask help from Police Helicopter Rescue Team if you Needed but make it sure Drive fast and safely.
Realistic 3D graphics
Multiple Vehicles like POLICE CAR, Police Van, Police Luxury Cars many more
Mountain Off-road Environment
Advance game physics
Smooth Van handling
Now Its time to download free Police Van Chase game get ready and make fun by driving car van on offroad tracks.

Yenilikler US Police Car Chase Driver:Free Simulation games 1.0.8

Some of minor bugs fixed
Enhanced chasing strategies


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  • US Police Car Chase Driver:Free Simulation games
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    Police van car 1.0.5
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