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Do you forget what you have learnt while writing exams and lose marks? Do Math formulas keep confusing you? Then it’s time to say no to “Rote Learning” & use MarkSharks Class 8 Maths & Science learning app to study in the 21st century way!
Research shows that “learning by doing” is the best way to learn where students construct knowledge by experiencing & exploring their environment. MarkSharks education app is a revolutionary learning app for Class 8 that teaches CBSE 8 class Science &
Maths through games, simulations, Science experiments, Science projects, virtual experiments, 3-D models, interactive exercises & online test series unlike extra marks & merit nation. We have harnessed the power of mobile devices to deconstruct the NCERT 8 class textbook curriculum & transformed it to engaging modules for CBSE class 8 Science & Maths syllabus, Class 8 notes & NCERT solutions that will complement your Class 8 books through the MarkSharks CBSE class 8th Maths learning app and Science learning app.
What MarkSharks education app is NOT:
- This is NOT just a collection of CBSE 8 Science or CBSE 8 Math question papers/ CBSE Science std 8 or Math std 8 sample papers/ solves sample papers. We believe just taking a Science or Math quiz is NOT enough. Hence we have developed this interesting Science learning app & Mathematics learning app to make Science & Math for Class 8 easy.
It's NOT just a PDF of Science 8th class or Maths Class 8th textbook/ NCERT 8 class Science or NCERT Class 8 Math book/ CBSE 8th class Science or 8th class Maths book or simply a Class 8 notes education app. We believe that learning should always be fun, immersive, interactive & self-paced. Since books are boring & NOT effective for all types of learners, here’s an interactive offline education app for a better learning experience.
The MarkSharks Class 8 learning app is mapped 100% to the CBSE Class 8 syllabus – our education app covers content from all the chapters currently found in Class 8 Science & 8 class Maths CBSE book written by RD Sharma, Delhi.
MarkSharks CBSE class VIII Science learning app is mapped to CBSE Science Class 8 syllabus. Our education app covers content from all class 8 Physics, Chemistry and Biology topics found in the NCERT Science 8 book.
1. Crop production & management
2. Microorganisms: Friend & foe
3. Synthetic fibers & plastics
4. Metals & non-metals
5. Coal & petroleum
6. Combustion & flame
7. Conservation of plants & animals
8. Cell: Structure & functions
9. Reproduction in animals
10. Reaching the age of adolescence
11. Force & pressure
12. Friction
13. Sound
14. Chemical effects of electric current
15. Some natural phenomena
16. Light
17. Stars & the solar system
18. Pollution of air & water
MarkSharks CBSE 8 class Math learning app covers content from all topics in NCERT Math books.
1. Rational Numbers
2. Linear Equations in One Variable
3. Understanding Quadrilaterals
4. Practical Geometry
5. Data Handling
6. Squares & Square Roots
7. Cubes & Cube Roots
8. Comparing Quantities
9. Algebraic Expressions & Identities
10. Visualising Solid Shapes
11. Mensuration
12. Exponents & Powers
13. Direct & Inverse Proportions
14. Factorisation
15. Introduction to Graphs
16. Playing With Numbers
Through MarkSharks education app students of VIII Science & VIII Math can share their learning with friends via our “social learning” environment & access to tutors online to help clear problems. Parents will get online access to track their child’s performance on MarkSharks educations app & compare it with other students who are studying on the system.
MarkSharks is also one of the best scholarship learning apps for Class 8 & a comprehensive Maths solutions & Maths CBSE guide for 8th grade.When it comes to 8th standard Science & 8th standard math, practice makes perfect & MarkSharks education app allows just that. With interactive exercises & simulations, Std 8 Science & Std 8 Math has never been more interesting!

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  • CBSE 8th Class - Maths & Science Education App
    CBSE 8th Class - Maths & Science Education App
  • CBSE 8th Class - Maths & Science Education App
    CBSE 8th Class - Maths & Science Education App
  • CBSE 8th Class - Maths & Science Education App
    CBSE 8th Class - Maths & Science Education App