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Update: 2013.07.29category: Tools

安卓 phone SPF Wizard
This application is awesome! It works without wifi, so you can play anywhere. If you like exercising your brain and memory, as well as logic and speed of problem solving... This is the application you want! If you want to know how to install SPF Wizard,please read the official installation.

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sender Policy Framework is a framework for publishing information through DNS describing a list of ip addresses allowed to send email from a specific domain. This wizard is designed to help email admins to construct what that information should be.Most domains send outbound mail through a relatively small number of servers. Domains should describe that set of servers in an SPF record in their DNS. Internet email receivers can then reject forged messages which don39;t come from an envelope sender domain39;s approved servers. This wizard helps domain owners identify all the servers which could be expected to send mail from their domain.

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