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Extra Loud Ringtones is a collection of the loudest high quality sounds available on the Android market.
Extra Loud Ringtones is a collection of over 45 extremely loud and incredibly Sounds.
If you need to hear your phone in the nosiest of nosiest environments, this is the application you will want to download.
You will never have to worry about not being able to hear your phone ring with super loud ringtones.
Easy to use, free ringtones!
Use Extra Loud Ringtones to personalize your phone and stand out from the rest.
Extra Loud Ringtones contains sounds of various themes; Burglar Alarm, motorcycles, Very Loud Emergency Siren sounds, Loud notification tones,
- Loud Horn sounds
- Loud Tornado warning
- Air Raid
- Air Horn
- Tug Boat Horn
- Dive Alarm
- Car Alarm
- Loud Horns
- Super Loud sirens
- Extra Loud alarm sounds
and much more!
Loud alarm sounds are just a few examples of whats included.
Use any sound from the Extra Loud Ringtones collection and assign it to your phones ringer, sms, mms, notification or alarm.
Extra Loud Sounds features:
Easy to use layout
More than 45 high quality super loud sounds
Best sound effects collection
Free to download and easy to use.
Super Loud Ringtones includes some of the most loud sounds your phone can make.
Enjoy these free loud ringtones and sound effects!
With this app you can:
Set Ringtones for:
All calls (default)
To a person
For Alarm
For Notification
The loudest ringtones for your android device. Works on tablets too!
What are you waiting for? Get a loud ringtone for your phone or tablet now! Download the most loud ringtone app on the market!



Version: 9.0

Requires: Android 4 or later


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