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Now we test drive the new app, which soon takes over with smart features and fresh new design - test today!
In "My vacation" is all you need when you're traveling with Fritidsresor - or just fancy doing it. In part inspired navigate around the globe and can easily book and pay. Then, the customized information that is linked to your booking number - flight times, weather, hotel facts, destinations description, tip and direct contact with the guides at the destination. If you have multiple reservations, you can log in at all, and the app works just as well on mobile phones at tablet.
In the app you will find:
• Ask the guides at the destination - get answers to specific questions about everything from scuba diving to wineries. The dialogue is open both during the holidays and weeks before departure
• countdown telling you how many days, hours and minutes left until you finally are on the way
• The weather at your destination
• Flight Information
• Possibility to order taxfree
• Information about your hotel
• Aeronautics and destination maps
• Excursions
• Large inspirationsdel for those not booked yet - destinations, hotels, movies, facts, tips from other travelers and easy booking function
Most of it is accessible even when you are off-line. But of course you need to be connected to, for example, get a current weather forecast or order tax free.
To log in, you need:
• Booking number
• E-mail address or phone number you provided at time of booking
Until further notice, the app works not:
• Only flight
• Unspecified trips
• THEME trips
• Group bookings
• Some other special reservations




Requires: Android4.0 or later


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