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Money Tracker allows you to fully control the personal or family money.
The principle of operation of the program:
1) You create a "bill" (eg "wallet", "Deposit VTB", "Savings Bank Deposit", "Map VTB").
2) You add the first parishes to "account" to set the initial amount.
3) You add a "category" of two types - "income" and "expenses." I added as income "Salaries and advance", "bonus", "interest", "Present", as the costs - "Food", "drink", "Education", "Travel", "Taxes", " Gifts, "and so. n.
4) You add a "counterparty". I have them made in the form of a tree, "Family", "I", "wife", "Son".
5) Further work is daily added expense or income accounts. Then he will be able to show his wife, who in the family main earner, and who - spender.
The main features of the program:
- Any currency (preinstalled USD, EUR, RUB and KZT, the rest you can add at their discretion).
- All your money is converted to the same currency at a specified exchange rate.
- Accounts (who spends money and makes) and categories can be nested within each other (like a folder on your computer).
- Scheduler income / expenses can automatically add income or expense at specified intervals. So I control my online account and your phone.
- Export to CSV-file to analyze in Microsoft Excel or a similar program.
- Storing data on a memory card or PC for possible recovery or transfer to another device.
- Built-in easy-Builder.
- Addition of expense or income is maximally simplified, since it is the most frequent operation in the program.
- Transfer of funds from one "Account" in the other. For example, when withdrawing money from a card you have to do the translation. Currency conversion is done automatically when you transfer, but the final value can be immediately corrected.
This application is developed exclusively for personal use, but today it's good-quality program that should not remain a "thing in itself". The program can work in tandem with MoneyTrackerServer (to make backups directly to a computer). Link to MoneyTrackerServer:



Version: 1.11

Requires: Android3.0 or later


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