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Vadtal Dham launches the vachanamrutam app to enable customized Vachanamrut app for all categories of readers from first time reader to researcher. Thr goal is to cultivate this platform in such a way that every person can learn, grasp and generate the interest towards Vachanamrut and add maximum spiritual value addition to their lives. Vachanamrutam app provides this features,
- OFFLINE reading of vachanamrut without internet
- Add to favorite vachanamrut
- Add to bookmark and create collection of vachanamrut bookmark
- Create customised note and take note from Vachanamrut
- Social sharing
- light and dark mode of reading
- Highlight the text by four Colors
- Search suggestions
- Search the vachanamrut, subject wise, in notes, and in title or by content
- Ask questions about vachanamrut to an expert
- Change the theme of Vachanamrutam all
- Change the reading text font-size
- Create Reading plan of selected as well as all vachanamrut
- Custom reminder for reading time with notification
- Help to use this app effectively



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android5.1 or later


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