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Our users can use the phone anytime, anywhere Baidu find the request, speeding seconds was the first Chinese search APP most provincial traffic, and installed the necessary software is well-known, with the latest and most complete information hot mass, more high-definition video, fiction and other exclusive premium content such as your tasting, you can also customize your private exclusive packages - takeaway, buy movie tickets, hotel discounts and other benefits, touch up, wisdom and enjoy every moment.
Nikkatsu phone Baidu billions of dollars, is the active users top3's app, relying on Baidu, familial resources and technological advantages, to change the traditional man "search" mode of information, most understand your personality presents the latest hot headlines, to make life simple and efficient.
[Smart Search]
Relying on the phone Baidu Baidu's most powerful search engine technology, to let users more easily access information, find what we seek, provide Internet users a day over billions of information retrieval services, instant direct access to the demands of what you want, and At the same time strengthen the scenario-based modeling, big data analytics, semantic intelligence, speech synthesis of the latest cutting-edge technology, to provide you with accurate intelligence search service.
[News] personality
According to your interests, to overturn the traditional - people "search for" a new mode of information flow of information, simply pull down to refresh, the latest and most complete information about the first time to grasp the hot spots, stay at home and enjoy the wonderful world, 24 hours non-stop brush, let every minute of life is vividly.
[Rice living]
Get through Baidu glutinous rice app content, the quest for the best full-service information network, includes food, movies, take-away, ktv, Beauty, tickets, performances, dozens of tourism services category. We committed to providing you with the best possible experience. Tips: GPS running in the background continued to affect battery life.



Version: 8.6.5

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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