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Eugene Investment & Securities 'Global Champion' is that you can trade in foreign stocks in smartphones
Overseas private equity mobile trading system. (Tradable markets: China, Hong Kong and Japan)
◆ Key Features of Eugene Investment & Securities Global Champion
 1. Convenient stock trading overseas
  - Screen provides easy-to-order: check in real time the won amount of money can buy
  - Foreign stock quotes courtesy of the built-in delay provided Cicero, Infomax payment GTS real-time quotes
  Offers' New Smart champion with the same design concept and screen - familiar screen
 2. Foreign investment provides useful information
  - Provide news / disclosure, economic indicators, market schedule, company analysis
  - Country-Industry offers, stocks, ETF Information
  - Providing data sports ranking of various criteria
 3. Provide a variety of support functions
  - Easy to exchange screen provided from the Exchange Rate
  - Inquiries and complaints addressed through rapid overseas market announcements, Q & A Forum
  - Foreign currency accounts and foreign stocks offer inter-transfer function (reflected in the future)
※ If you wish to install the domestic stock trading, please use the "New Smart champion."
Eugene Investment & Securities 'Global Champion' drive inquiries and suggestions is the 'Bulletin Q & A' Eugene Investment & Securities
Guests can use, please call our Customer Satisfaction Center 1588-6300.
We always give thanks to your giving with Eugene Investment & Securities,
We hope to be able to provide better service to the continuous upgrade.
Thank you.



Version: 1.0.2

Requires: Android 4.0 or later


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