Cops Car Racing & Bank Robbery

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Police Car Game – Cops Car Racing & Crime Chase
is the car driving simulator of a cops car. Police car racing and car chase is the best game from car games for free. Police car driving simulator is a driving test of a cop car in this police chase and city car driving to control crime chase against bank robbers. Police car is a chance to chase car as a car chaser of police simulator and driving simulator.
Enjoy best of car chase games and police game. Car chase is a mission against bank robber is a test drive of your car simulator and police car drive fun. Have you ever played drive games and racing games then try this car driving simulator and car game with police chasing? Police car game is the cop pursuit plane for police escape and thief with police chase of police simulator and driving game.
Police cars are in the whole city to chase robbers to control bank robbery with car racing of car games & car simulator of a fun drive of a racing game. Arrest the police escape criminals and chase them from police car chase and cop car chase of your country and perform duty of car racing and car chase. Play the best car simulator of car racing and driving game.
Police Shooting Helicopter
Police helicopter is provided you for dangerous robber and robbers to shoot them with sniper. Police sniper have to aim of shooting with sniper and fire on target. Kill the robber bank on bike racer through helicopter chase and fire on them. Improve your aim through sniper shooting and accurate killing mission. Robbers vs Police helicopter is a fight where you have to bike chase and shoot in limited time and they will police escape secure and will done the robbery plan.
Police shooting helicopter is the best shooting and sniper shooting for you. Have you ever played such a free shooting game and driving car simulator game with car driving and helicopter flight pilot drive fun? Police chasing helicopter game is a free shooting games without WiFi. New police game with cop pursuit from helicopter shooting. If you are busy on highway road block then try police helicopter to shoot them from helicopter or plane flight. Shot the most wanted gang of robber and use sniper for accurate blast or fire on them.
Car Chase
Police Car Game – Cops Car Racing & Crime Chase
is an amazing from addictive racing games. Drive the cop car to complete mission of a car chase games in this police game. Car chase will result you to win your driving test and test drive of car chase & car simulator. Mostly the thief are unbeatable so show them the car driving simulator and police chasing skills of cops car or police car.
This car simulator of a police game will smash the robbers through police cars of driving game. Car games and racing games are so common try this Police car chasing thief in the mission of crime will provide you a fun drive chase. Car chasing is different than other police games or racing games. Drive your police car or racing car as fast as you can chase the criminal. Criminal will try to police escape so your duty is police chasing from police car and cops car to chase cars of the criminal and unleash the mafia gang.
Police Car Game – Cops Car Racing & Crime Chase
is the racing car and simulation game. In this police car chasing the criminals have no gun to attack on you they are thief or robbers and will escape from police. Chasing car and chasing helicopter is totally a different job. Arrest the thief and car chase the bank robbery robbers until death to stop crime in a city. This driving test is the plan of car racing and police chase anti-theft mission against mafia gang.
Police car chase and helicopter sniper shoot are the mode of this police chase and police game with cop pursuit. Unleash them while hitting their car with a car racing or cops car. Be the daring shooter while shooting from top angle and only hit the robber escaping from police and don’t hit the innocent people walking on road.



Version: 4.4

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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