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Radio Nowadays, any recipe for success includes the importance of speaking or remembering the past, being part or not of history. Broadcasting is to the founding family of Radio Broadcast FM more than a business that worked, was always a tradition of love and passion, has seen several decades, the Abdulmassih family already had other based stations in Ituiutaba and in nearby
Tupaciguara. It can be considered that the 'origin' of Difusora FM, was Difusora AM as we have already had this bond with the city and a natural desire for growth envisioned the dream expansion opportunity.
Believing in the potential of the city, they got the grant, and on December 25, 1987 Mr. Eduardo Ferreira Abdulmassih and his father Fauze Abdulmassih inaugurated the Broadcast FM station in a schedule that was varied, with some of its outstanding programs as "Treasure Hunt" and "Message Board Heart" that were in the air reaching an almost insurmountable audience number.
From the middle of July 1992, radically changed the programming of the radio, which is now 100% backlands, which became a leader in audience in sertanejos programs in the region.
The director of the Broadcast FM, Eduardo Abdulmassih, remember that acceptance of people to the new programming was immediate. "Exceeded our expectations." The diversity most of what is now classified as a frontiersman, assessment director, contributes lest wear. He reported that the radio does research, which allows the company flexibility in formatting the programs. "With that we got the satisfaction of listeners; We are always attentive to trends and so we anticipate them. " One of the strengths of the audience is the participation of listeners, by phone, in most radio programs and promotions.
With a staff of highly qualified employees, the station maintains mission move people and, of course, entertainment and information. The concern with the audience puts the station's professionals in a continuous and enhanced knowledge of techniques, which aims to ensure better sound quality, voiceover and especially with the musical program.
With regional scope reaches several neighboring cities and some of the Goiás state. It is a constant search in the sense that the radio keep always updated with the best and most modern equipment in the market.



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Requires: Android2.3 or later


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