AO Pong Hau Ki

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Android Wear | 3.1MB


Free, no Ads, not intrusive traditional Chinese board game for two players.
In Korea, it is known as Ou-moul-ko-no.
The board consists of 5 vertices and 7 edges.
Each player has two pieces.
The players play alternately.
At each move, the player moves one of his two pieces to the adjacent vacant vertex.
The player loses if he can not move any of his pieces.
Only one type of position can cause a player to lose.
If both players play perfectly, the game continues indefinitely without a winner.
It is a children's game that, in China and Korea, is often used for early childhood education.
This is probably the simplest existing game, but with a lot of potential.
You can play against Android, which has 5 levels of difficulty.
Designed for Phone, Tablet and wear OS.



Version: 1.01

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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