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Wherever you are and whenever you want, Advili delivery is ready to provide services by:
• fast delivery
• personal car
• pickup (truck delivery)
• Tow (cars delivery)
• Truck delivery
You will experience a safe, easy, fast and affordable transportation with Advili delivery.
To use our services, you only need to specify your origin and destination, and confirm your request by writing a brief description of your shipment and observing the price, so that the nearest Advili delivery Vehicle is provided to you.
Specifications and services
1. Advili delivery, with the registered name of Advili, is a company that operates through the mobile phone to provide online transportation services, including:
Motorcycle, personal car, pickup truck, freight truck and towing truck, through the app. Advili is principally the interface, through the application, between customers and drivers registered in the software.
Easy installation and service
2. Download the Advili Delivery app right now from the App Store and Google Play as well as our main site. Just register in our application and use the 24-hour online unlimited services and no longer worry about finding the right vehicle for your commuting or transporting the small or bulky things. We will provide you with your needed vehicle within the shortest possible time.
Advantages of using the app
3. Install and run the Advili Delivery app on your mobile device and activate your account.
Sending your packages and loads at the cheapest cost, transporting people as well as shipments at the fastest time, demands with multiple destinations and origins, the ability to see the exact information of the vehicles and the driver's full information, and other features will be accessible to you with just a few clicks.



Version: 8.0

Requires: Android4.2 or later


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