Al-Quran Mp3 Full Translation

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Please Download This Free Application. !! Applications that contain Translation Audio Quran and manuscripts with the best Qari.
1. Hani Ar Rifai
2. Ali Jaber
3. Abdur Rahman As-Sudais
4. Mishary Alafasi
And with a full translation of the following languages:
- Hindi
- Indonesia
- English
- Urdu
You need an internet connection to run this application and you can also run with Offline Manner ..
1. Set as ringtone mp3 you choose and it will download automatically
2.Waiting until the completion of the download, then you can listen Offline
And in this application Provides manuscripts of the Koran you need (Adobe Acrobat Reader) to use it.
These features are provided:
-> Set as Ringtone
-> Set as Notification
-> Set as Aalrm
-> Play in Backgroun
-> Repeat, Shuffle & Share
Thus description of this application may be useful for all Muslims.!



Version: 1.0.0

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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